Ten Minute Plays

Following is my collection of ten minute plays. I have included the casting requirements, synopsis and any performances/awards each play has received. Perusal copies of the script are available through my agent, Playmarket – [email protected]

We Are What We Eat (brand new for 2024)

Genre: Dark Comedy

Cast: 1 F & 1 M, both late 20s+

Synopsis: What starts as a New Year’s diet resolution, instead becomes the catalyst for something much greater. Amber
and Felix are at a dangerous crossroad. Can their love survive the menu changes?

A Ring is Round it has no End…? (brand new for 2024)

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Cast: 1 F 40+ , 1 M or F any age

Synopsis: Alice is shopping for the perfect engagement ring, but her criteria for perfection are not quite what you
would expect from a blushing bride to be.


Selected for performance by Greytown Little Theatre May 2024 

Was awarded ‘Commended’ in the 2024 PANZ 10 Minute Play Competition 


Any Teacher on a School Trip (brand new for 2024)

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 1 F or M

Synopsis: Taking your class on a school trip is an unavoidable ‘joy’ of being a teacher. It’s a day that opens you up to a myriad of risks – to your students, yourself, and the reputation of the entire school. The difference between safety and total carnage can come down to just one thing – the pre-bus exit speech.


Parent Teacher Interviews

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3: 1F 30+, 1F 35+, 1M 35+

Synopsis: Demanding parents, the Wilson’s, attend their first parent/teacher interviews at their son’s new (and exclusive) private school. Armed with an array of firm ‘requests’ for his dean, they are soon to discover that this school operates from a completely different handbook.


Selected for publication with Smith and Kraus Best 10 Minute Plays for 2022 

Finalist in The Group Rep’s Nine One Acts 2020, North Hollywood

2nd Place Weathervane Playhouse 8 x 10 Festival 2021

Finalist Pend Oreille Players One Act Festival 2022

Finalist Brockports Festival of Ten XII 2021, New York State

Selected for Virginia One Act Festival 2021

Third Place Pint Sized Festival Queenstown 2022 

Finalist in the 2023 8 Tens @ 8 Festival at Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre

Selected for Lexington 10-Minute Play Fest 2023

Shortlisted for Pint Sized Festival UK 2023

Performed by Northeast Mississippi Community College Oct 2023


Unreasonable Situations 

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast 2: 1F mid 30+, 1F 30-50’s

Synopsis: Sometimes a park bench can offer you the opportunity to hide from life. But it will only ever be temporary. A woman is about to learn this lesson the hard way, with a bit of help from the law.


Winner of the Queenstown Pint Sized Play Festival 2021

Short and Sweet Sydney Grand Finalist 2022

Finalist 2020 Bonita Springs Stage it 10 Minute Play Competition, Florida 

Selected for Spark Creative Women’s Writing Festival 2020-2021,  New York

Finalist 2023 8 Tens @ 8 Festival at Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre

Performed Short and Sweet Dubai 2022

Performed Short and Sweet Perth 2022

Selected for Baytown Little Theatre Evening of One Acts 2023, Texas

Selected for AuthentiCity Theatre 10 Minute Play Festival 2023, Georgia


The Last Deck Chair in the Resort

Genre: Comedy

Cast 2: 1F 20’s, 1F 30’s

Synopsis: How far would you go to grab the last deck chair in the resort? Two women on the edge are about to find out.


Finalist in the Rover Dramawerks 10-Minute Comedy Festival, Dallas, April 2024 

Winner of Show Off 2022 Camino Real Playhouse, California 

Runner up  Durango Arts 10 Minute Festival 2020, Colorado 

Selected for Theatreworks Summer Shorts Owensboro 2021, Kentucky 

Gained commended in the Playwrights Association of NZ Short Play Compettion 2020

Shortlisted for Arts Centre Bonita Stage it 10 Minute Play Competition 2021, Florida 

Selected for the Carrollwood Players One Act Festival 2021, Florida

Selected for the 4208 Group Ten Minute Taste Festival 2021, Washington.

Selected for the North Park Playwright Festival 2022, San Diego

Selected for the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop 10 Minute Play Festival, New York

Finalist in Cut to the Chase One Act Competition 2022, Chicago

Performed by Warkworth Theatre Group 2023

Finalist, Rovers 10 minute Comedy Festival, Dallas (2024)



Genre: Comedy

Cast 1-3:  1F 30/40’s, 1 M/F any age, 1 off stage voice

Synopsis: Yoga – a supposed magical remedy to the franticness of our busy world. But what if this practice is what brings us the most stress of all?


Selected for Hindsight 2022 Short Play Festival Left Edge Theatre,  California

Second Place Pint Sized Festival Queenstown 2022 

Selected  for Madlab Theatre Roulette 2023, Columbus

Finalist for B3 Festival of Shorts 2022, Arizona

Finalist for Lakeshore Players 10 Minute Festival 2022, Minnesota


The Toughest Animal in the Zoo (brand new for 2024 – great for schools)

Genre: Comedy

Cast 5:  Any gender

Synopsis: Ever wondered which animal is the toughest in the zoo? One Head Keeper has created a competition to find out who that really is. But at what cost?

Margot’s Bench

Genre: Dark Comedy

Cast: 1F 40+ – monologue

Synopsis: A woman reflects on the moment that changed her life. Even if that moment was murder. A ten minute monologue.


Grand Finalist Short and Sweet Festival 2019

Performed Short and Sweet Festival Hollywood 2019

Selected for Pint Sized Festival Queenstown 2019

Finalist in the international Hear Me Out Competition 2022

Selected for Haywire Pocketful Project 2022, Wales


Young Lady in a Boat

Genre: Comedy

Cast 2: 1F Late Teens, 1F 40+

Synopsis: Lilly is a 19 year old unmarried woman from a wealthy Victorian family. Her mother, Violet, will do anything to get her married. Nothing is too extreme to ensure her daughter isn’t left on the shelf!


Semifinalist Short and Sweet Festival Sydney 2019

Short listed in the Playwrights Association of NZ Short Play Competition 2018

Performed with Artworks Community Theatre, Waiheke Island, 2022


Knickers On or Off

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast: 1F Late 40’s – monologue

Synopsis: Life modeling for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re approaching fifty and used to leaving your knickers on. But for Mary, whose presence in the world seems to be disappearing, laying everything bare, may be just the challenge she needs.


Shortlisted for the Fun Size Festival, Covert Theatre, Auckland 2023/24


I Used to be the Pretty One

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast: 2 – 1F 20/30’s, 1F 60+

Synopsis: Being known as ‘the pretty one’ is more than just a name. It’s a title. Your calling card. Over time it becomes your identity. But what happens when the heads stop turning and you are just another face in the crowd? A woman of once great beauty seeks revenge for this injustice.

Note: For requests for rights or further information about this play in the US or Canada specifically, please contact ArtAge  Senior Theatre Resource Centre www.seniortheatre.com or [email protected]    


Winner of Pint Sized Play Competition Queenstown 2024

Selected for publication with Smith and Kraus Best 10 Minute Plays for 2024

Selected by Glass Splinters 2023,  London 

Selected for Arts Centre Bonita Stage it 10 Minute Play Competition 2023, Florida 

Selected for Crash Test Drama 2023, Sydney


I Think we Need to Have a Meeting

Genre: Comedy

Cast 5:  2F & 3M any age

Synopsis: How many meetings are too many? One man is about to find out just where his limits lie.


Selected for Orange County Arts Council’s Ten Minute Play Festival 2020

Semi-finalist in MadLab Theatre Roulette 2020, Ohio

Performance by Albany Junior High  2022

Performance Napier Girls High 2023


Grimm and Bear It

Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama

Cast: 1F mid/late 40’s – monologue

Synopsis: Gabriella has found herself to be an unexpected member of a cruel and wicked society. One feared throughout time. But the longer she remains a member, the more dangerous her connection becomes. If she’s not careful, someone could end up getting hurt…very hurt. But who that person may be, might just surprise you.


Shortlisted Short and Sweet Illawarra and Essex 2023

Finalist B3 Festival of Shorts 2024

Finalist for Juice Box International One Act Play Competition, NY


In Celebration of the Sandwich

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast: 1F 50’s- monologue

Synopsis: For most people November 3rd is just another day, but not for Ruby. For her, it means World Sandwich day. A day when she gets a brief respite from her never ending war against carbs and the hands of time.


Produced by Act Your Age Productions Manchester 2022


Five Fingered Discount

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3: 3F 65+

Synopsis: Three retirees search for new ways to bring excitement into their lives. But just how far are they willing to go?

Note: For requests for rights or further information about this play in the US or Canada specifically, please contact ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Centre www.seniortheatre.com or [email protected]   


Selected for Pint Sized Play Competition Queenstown 2024

Selected for Putney Arts Theatre New Writing 2022, London

Performed by Opunake Players, Taranaki, 2022

Selected for Lakeshore Players 17th Annual Ten Minute Play festival 2021,  Minnesota 


Arsenic is Too Obvious

Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama

Cast: 1F 40+ – monologue

Synopsis: Married life is not for the faint hearted. It’s about survival and constant subterfuge. Kill or be killed – metaphorically speaking…?


Selected for Covert Theatre Funny Shorts 2022, Auckland


What Size is your Onion

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast 2: 2M/F 20+

Synopsis: Sometimes an onion is the only thing that helps you make sense in an otherwise scary world. A ten minute play that deals with the recovery from depression.


Selected for Talking It Out Festival 2021, New York

Performance with Gaffney Little Theater 2022, South Carolina

Selected for AuthentiCity Theatre 10 Minute Festival 2022, Georgia


Now About That Vote…

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Parody

Cast 6F – various ages

Synopsis: The play is set in 1919, America, and is based around a National Women’s League Committee meeting. They are putting together a petition that will help women obtain the right to vote. They will then be taking it to Washington. The play is a parody that is meant to mock all the ridiculous arguments people gave as to why women should not receive this right.


Selected for the Onion Man Productions Harvest Festival 2019, Atlanta 

Shortlisted for Kings Theatre Shorts Nova Scotia 2019

Shortlisted for Short and Sweet Dubai 2020


Are Your Dog Treats Vegan?

Genre: Comedy

Cast 2: 1F 30’s, 1F any age

Synopsis: Their dog treats aren’t vegan, their hamster wheels go too fast, and let’s not mention the macabre cat toys! Pawfect Pet Supplies are about to go into battle with their most difficult customer to date. But they don’t plan on rolling over just yet.


Performed by Warkworth Theatre Group  2023

Performed by Napier Little Theatre  2023


Another Brick Through the Window

Genre: Comedy

Cast 4: 1F 40+, 1F 20’s, 1F any age, 1M any age

Synopsis: All the Winslow’s want is a peaceful life in their country home. But the local village has other ideas. Determined to run them out of the area, their tactics become increasingly vicious. But just how far will the Winslow’s allow themselves to be pushed? All is revealed in this ten minute dark comedy.

Note: For requests for rights or further information about this play in the US or Canada specifically, please contact ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Centre www.seniortheatre.com or [email protected]   


Selected for Arts Centre Bonita Stage it 10 Minute Play Competition 2019, Florida 

Performed by Northcote College 2022


Tapping at the Heartstrings

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Cast 2: 1F 40’s, 1F 60+, 1M/F 40+

Synopsis: A busker at 3am isn’t ideal, especially when they lack talent and insist on staying. But what if their performance is a matter of life and death?